Big Eyes Coin, Lido DAO, and TRON Shine Amidst Crypto’s Bearish Momentum

Crypto Market Momentum in the Second Half of February

• Bitcoin (BTC) clocked gains of around 2% and was trading at $22,267 while Ethereum hovered around the $1,550 mark.
• Global crypto market capitalization settled around $1.03 trillion, a rise from the previous few days.
• Among the altcoins in green were Big Eyes Coin, Lido DAO, and Tron (TRX).

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin is an emerging meme coin based on Ethereum that has surpassed all expectations for being a standout in a saturated market of meme coins. Its presale just surpassed $27.2 million and investors are eyeing this promising crypto for its De-Fi functionalities along with real-world utilities. To celebrate this massive feat of presale, Big Eyes Coin have partnered with Stray to give away FIVE exclusive PlayStation 5’s along with game access as a bundle to FIVE lucky users of its cat-crazy community. If you wish to be a part of this huge giveaway, visit Big Eyes Coin’s Twitter to read the T&Cs.

Lido DAO

Lido DAO is a decentralised ecosystem that offers various services such as staking rewards, liquidity mining programs and many more features which will benefit users who are looking to earn passive income. Lido has been gaining traction lately due to its unique approach towards solving problems within the DeFi sector such as high gas fees and slow transaction speeds. Lido is one of the most promising projects in 2023 and it’s expected that the value of its native token will increase exponentially over time.


Tron (TRX) is a decentralised blockchain network with an independent digital platform created with the aim of promoting decentralised entertainment platforms for efficient sharing digital content. TRX has taken spotlight recently due to its gains entering February’s second half which could make it one of the top performing cryptocurrency investments in 2023 if it manages to maintain these gains throughout 2021 and beyond into 2022.


The second half of February brought some much needed relief amidst bearish momentum in the crypto market – driven by Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum, Big Eyes Coin, Lido DAO, and Tron (TRX). All these cryptocurrencies demonstrate great potential for long term investments but also come with their own set of risks so investing should be done carefully after researching each asset thoroughly before making any decisions regarding investment amounts or strategy diversification plans across different tokens/coins/blockchains etc..